Student Relocation programs top 5 picks of countries to move to in 2021


Student Relocation programs top 5 picks of countries to move to in 2021.

We based this article on student relocation statistics we received from SDC the biggest international moving company in the US.  Maybe the pandemic inspired you to seize the day and move into a new country; perhaps you realized life was too short to be stuck in one country for the rest of your life. Whatever the case may be, know this, moving to another country is a significant step to take. Moving is scary, but it is an opportunity for a fresh start; you can have a whole life elsewhere. There are many factors to consider when choosing to relocate to another country. Still, the most crucial decision is deciding which country to move to, so if you are indecisive, we have compiled a list of the best countries to move into 2021. 

Student Relocation programs here are our top 5 picks of countries you need to move to in 2021.

Student Relocation to Switzerland

Switzerland is the country we all wish we were born in; apart from being known for its insanely delicious chocolate, they seem to be the only country cool enough to have a whole term coined after them. 

If you are big on safety and peace, you should know that Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates but the lowest crime rates, so you don’t have to worry about being gunned down in the street by gangs or being a victim to a mass shooting. Switzerland is home to two of the most liveable cities globally; according to a survey, Geneva and Zurich provide the best living conditions based on five broad categories: Stability, Healthcare, Culture & Environment, Education, and Infrastructure.

If you aim to live long, you should probably move to Switzerland. Life expectancy is high, the second-highest life expectancy after Japan; this is perhaps because of the high quality of healthcare and abundance of walking trails. What’s not to love?

Finally, based on an OECD publication, Switzerland has the third-highest salary and job security out of all the OECD countries. It also economic stability and a relatively low job employment rate, which means more opportunities for ex-pats.

Student Relocation to Singapore

There is almost nothing wrong to say about this country, and many will agree with us. Singapore is a small but mighty country that has one of the best economies in the world. It seems to have it all with their tax structure and stable political environment. Safety and law enforcement is a big deal, resulting in it ranking as one of the world’s safest places.

Singapore is in high demand because of its willingness to hire more skilled foreign workers meaning if you have a specialized skill, there is a place for you. Be motivated to move by the high average salary; for instance, an ex-pat’s average wage in Singapore is $139,000 compared to the average of $97,000 globally.

 Also, Singapore’s tax rate is relatively lower than most countries. Singapore’s tax rates start at 0%, and 20% tax rates for earnings above $320,000. There is also a flat rate of 15% to 22% for non-residents.

Student Relocation to Spain

  • Spain has an all-year-round warm climate, meaning all-year-round trips to the beach. Fun fact about Spain – nudity is legal – so if you have always fantasized about stripping on the beach to get a good tan, Spain should be number one on your list. Also, you are likely to live longer if you are in Spain; the average life span of an adult in Spain is 83+ years. The country has a vibrant lifestyle and culture, quite different from other European countries. We are pretty sure you have heard of famous festivals like San Fermin and Tomatina. 
  • Cities in Spain never sleep; you will be surprised to know that they typically have dinner around 10 pm. Well, we hope you are convinced to start packing your bags.

Student Relocation to Denmark

  • Denmark is the perfect balance of work and lifestyle. It is no surprise the Danes are said to be one of the happiest people on earth. The Danes boast of a top-notch education system, with their international schools being one of the world’s best. Also, It is easy to stay healthy in the city mainly because you will be joining the bicycle culture in Denmark. 
  • There is nothing better than free education and healthcare, and Denmark is one of the few countries in the world that has been able to achieve this; trust us, you will not find a better deal than that.
  • The stories you heard about the Danish pastries are true; the pastries are to die for and delicious. 
  • Lastly, Denmark is the poster child for equality. They are the first country that granted same-sex unions and equal opportunities to women. This reason alone should convince you to move to Denmark ASAP!

Student Relocation to Norway

If you are worried about the language barrier when moving to another country, Norway should be the least of your concern. Most Norwegians can speak English and are always eager to practice their English. Living in Norway will feel like living in fantasy countryside; it has breathtaking scenery with majestic mountains and waterfalls. Norway has a free public health service that you can easily apply for and access. It also has a vibrant economy and many job opportunities for ex-pats.


The ”best countries to move to in 2021”  list was made in no particular order. We considered safety and security, economic opportunities, and lifestyle indicators to determine which countries made it to the list. If you follow our recommendations, we sincerely wish you all the best.


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